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    Low framefrates on games like CSGO


      Just spent $850 on this new computer, almost specifically for the GPU and CPU.

      Running an AMD Radeon R7 M360

      6th gen intel i7-6500u @2.5 - 3.1 GHz

      16GB DDR3L RAM


      Getting framerates in Counter Strike Global Offensive around < 30 FPS on low settings, not sure why as my friends have worse pcs and get around 80 FPS, so im really confused about this


      Please help me out, no idea what to do here, as the pc is brand new and wasnt cheap.


      thanks in advance


        • Re: Low framefrates on games like CSGO

          Hey rieleyh,


          Below are a few initial steps to begin troubleshooting why you may be experiencing issues


          • Ensure you've installed the latest graphics drivers available and supported the manufacturer which should be the Crimson Edition 16.4.1 Hotfix driver package.


          • Ensure all of your power saving features are disabled via Windows power options/Radeon Crimson and instead set them to "high performance mode" when gaming and be sure to plug in to a power source.


          • Set the Radeon Crimson profile associated with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to default.


          • Make sure your laptop is using the dedicated R7 M360 graphics card when gaming, please refer to the Official AMD Laptop Support page for more information.


          • Ensure Windows is up to date via settings/update and security/Windows update.


          • Within device manager ensure there are no warning notifications. If any are found correct them through Windows troubleshooter.


          • Check to see if your bios is in the correct configuration to utilize your dedicated graphics processor.


          If still experiencing issues after attempting the above steps, please respond below and one of us will assist you to the best of our abilities. I hope this helps and have a nice day.

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