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    Recent Drivers Crash without SP1


      I had 16.4.1 working fine then my hard drive died. I installed windows 7 64 bit ultimate and accidentally grabbed the disc with out SP1. Well I was jumping through hoops trying to figure why I would get a "radeon settings host application has stopped working" error every time I tried opening Radeon settings. I tried with both 16.3.2 and 16.4.1. I installed service pack 1 and the problem was gone. The error should not be so vague, such a simple fix should be known and the error should mention it.


      I will also mention that the other common fixes for other people did not work for me... I have an FX-8350 and R9 280X


      Here is my thread on Toms Hardware Forum: Radeon Settings CRASH! Please help. [Solved] - Video Games - PC Gaming