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iracing and screen freeze. But sound continues in background.

Question asked by quachimba on Apr 12, 2016
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I have an issue with my screen just freezing and then going black when i'm in game. The sound continues to run in the background and since it's a race i can even hear my car go off track and crash and i can hear all the other players on voice chat. I can ALT+TAB just fine and it gets me to the desktop where i have to start the task manager and shut down the game from there. I always get it about 5-20 mins into the game and in random places... Sometimes in the lobby sometimes while racing. Now i've never had this problem before and i've changed absolutely nothing in my system since last year about december. I did update the drivers recently to 16.x i can't remember the numbers after 16 since i'm at work and i'll know it when i'm home. I've tried whatever i could. I reinstalled the drivers. I've changed each graphic setting one by one in-game. I switched from using DX-11 to DX-9 just incase that was causing it but that wasn't the case. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem? or has anyone else solved it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. My Rig is a i5-3rd Gen , 32gb ddr3 RAM, 2 TB HDD 7200rpm, and R290 with 4gb Video Card. I experience this in no other game.. I use MSI Kombustor to check my temps and nothing is wrong there. I used Kombustor to run all the GPU stress tests and everything is normal. I've read some people talk about voltage of the GPU or of RAM? i'm unsure what to do now. My next step was going to be to install windows 10 since i'm on win 7 64bit pro I just like it better that's why but iracing is my life when it comes to gaming so if anyone could help me please? As I said i've been playing it for a year and never had this problem even after upgrading my ram and video card back in September 2015.


Thank you very much.