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I installed AMD overdrive, computer wont boot.

Question asked by jake1master on Apr 11, 2016

so i installed amd overdrive, it told me to restart my comouter, which i did. when it said "restarting", i had to force shut down after waiting 20 minutes. when i tried to boot up, i got to the windows loading screen and wait 10 minutes, with nothing happening. i did a system restore after diognostics, and computer still wont boot. There was one thing that looked off in my bios though, the cou frequency set was only at 20 mhz, my friend says the lowest it should ever be is 500 ish, but i have no idea what any of that means, but in a youtube video, his was set at 3700 which meant (3.7 ghz) i have the amd phenom ii x6 1100t, windows 10. I was unable to find any other problem like this on the fourm. please help!


Just for an update here:

I asked a friend if he could help, this is everything he told me to do.

I removed the harddrives and replaced them witha spare one, still got to the infinite loading screen.

I tried to reset my bios by removing the battery on the motherboard for a minute.

i tried manually resetting the motherboard by placing something metal over the 2 prongs on the motherboard that read clr_cmos... neither worked.

I noticed that my cpu frequency is set to only 20 mhz, which i know is low and it is recommended between 200-500, but when i change it, when i restart to boot, it says it had a boot error due to overclocking and the ratio was incorrect, setting it back down to 20.

When i changed the frequency manually, it would set it at a minimal average of 200mhz, with a multiplier of 6.66x, but then when its on auto, it drops to 29mhz at 6.66x I hope this information narrows down what the problem is.