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Crimson messes with my monitors color settings ( HDMI: fine, DisplayPort : not fine ). Any ideas ?

Question asked by adreqi on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by adreqi

Hello ! No idea of why it still does that.

Several months ago, I updated to crimson drivers, but encountering some problems made me roll back to catalyst (worked better).

Now today, considering that updating drivers is the right thing to do, I updated again from catalyst (15.x) even though it was still running perfectly fine. R9 290 with two identical monitors, with identical settings, left one is displayport, right is hdmi.

When I installed the crimson drivers, the following occured (again) :

- Left monitor (displayport) has become darker with burnt whites.

- Right monitor looks pretty much unchanged

- videos played on both monitors are bright as if there was a white filter (regardless of the video player. mpchc or firefox, all the same)

Here is a photo with both monitor displaying the exact same image :


and a screenshot of MPCHC playing Spirited away:



Nobody saw this thread last time, hope I'll be luckier today. If you have a solution on this problem, please speak now or forever hold your peace


Thanks for reading.