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6 Graphic Cards - only one is used

Question asked by cornlinger on Apr 12, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2016 by cornlinger

Hey guys,


I've built a rig with 6x Radeon HD7970, one from Sapphire, two from Asus and three from Gigabyte. I don't use any Screens at the cards, and they are not linked with CrossFire. They will be only used for mining.

I installed the Crimson 15.12 drivers to get the cards working. AMD Settings display all 6 cards, but in MSI Afterburner I can only see one card being used.


In AMD Settings the used card is marked as "Primary", one is marked as "Deactivated" and the other four als "Linked".


How can I activate the deactivated card and how can I get the other cards working?