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Question asked by cablenexus on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by kingfish

Almost every game I start since installing the 16.4.1 driver on my system:


Windows 10 64 bit pro, 8GB ram, VIA HD chipset Win10 driver 01/29/2016, Intel dual Core 2.66, Asus P5Q, AMD R7 250 saphire.


returns error reports in my event viewer and/or Dxdiag report.

The two error reports I get mostly are "bluescreen" and RADAR_PRE_LEAK_WOW64.


The games don't crash or my system don't crash and I never experience real BSOD's but the error reports are there for every game I start and I wonder why.


Most of the games I try to play since installing the Crimson software have issues. In 15.12 I never experienced issues with my 400+ games Steam library.

Since 16.3 and 16.4 I experience multiple issues.

I don't play many triple A titles like Fallout, Division etc, but mostly indie games. Mostly are build with Unity nowadays.

Issues are: Game does not start (Mordheim, Kenshi) because Mordheim.exe stopped working, Kenshi.exe stopped working.

Some other games have issues with MSAA. AA, shader settings in Unity. (Sovreignty Crown of Kings, Field of Glory) and almost all games that uses OpenGL as a standard.

My experience in the forums for the example games is that all AMD users have those issues and the Nvidia users don't have those issues.


Besides the ingame issues for multiple games, the error logs for all my games in the event viewer and Dxdiag I experience multiple issues with the Crimson software itself.

Every time I try to change a profile setting manually the Radeon software crashes and I have to restart my system to be able to start it again.

This happens when I try to close the Crimson menu, trying to change a setting etc etc


I uninstalled my drivers, I used the uninstall tool from AMD, I cleaned my registry with ccleaner and did a clean isntall (without the Gaming Envolved app) and still I experience multiple issues like I try to describe above.


Can someone please advice me what to do? I really start to get into rage mode because of all those issues and all games I try to play that seems to have problems.

Is it better for me just to install the 15.12 driver? Is there another stable driver which fits my system better? How can I preform a real good step by step cycle to uninstall everything related to Crimson/Radeon/Gaming envolved and go back to the most stable driver (15.12 maybe) without having too much problems and enjoy gaming again?

Thanks in advance.