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    Amd FX-7500 & R7 M260DX


      Hello!! I have a little problem, i can't force applications to use the discrete graphics. Whenever i select the high performance device, in the radeon settings, the application still use the integrated graphics card.

      As i'm a player and a graphic developer i can't force the discrete for my new applications neither games like League of Legends.


      My system is a AMD FX7500 APU and a AMD R7 M260DX.

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          Please provide more information so we can help.


          You can enable an option called Switchable Graphics Monitor and it will show you in CCC which GPU is being used.

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              My AMD Cards are:

                   R7 M260DX;

                   R7 Graphics from the APU.

              My laptop is a Lenovo Z50-75 running a Windows 10 64-bit OS and the Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.4.1.

              Also, my CPU is a AMD FX-7500 paired with 8GB of RAM.


              @amdmatt i used that and it showed that the majority of the applications are using the Power Saving card, the iGPU.

              Even if I force a profile with the High Performance card, the problem still persists.


              By the way, thanks for the reply.