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sound missing

Question asked by leonstk on Apr 10, 2016

PC Spec

Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0

R9280X *2

FX8350 with V8GTS cooler


The case start becasue

01. Update new driver for my Asus R9280X * 2 (CF)

02. Bluescreen when shutdown

03. After bootup CF failed

04. Reconfigure CF

05. Normal playing The Division

06.  Bluescreen when shutdown

07. After bootup CF failed

08. Reconfigure CF

09. Boring keep Reconfigure CF

10. Reinstall Crimson 16.3.2

11. CF still Failed

12. Uninstall Crimson 16.3.2

13. Take out 1 R9280X

14. Bootup Install Crimson 16.3.2

15. Shutdown Intall R9280X then Bootup

16. Confirm R9280X Install then shutdown

17. Plug the CF Bridge on 2 R9280X then bootup

18. Enable CF then go to The Division find out missing Sound

19. Try many format sound still missing。。。Install Realtek Sound Driver, Disable AMD HDMI Input, Downgrade AMD Driver , Install 16.4.1 also useless


p/s: Crimson 16.4.1 I fell very unstable so I stay on 16.3.2 later change to 16.4.1 also same problem