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    R9 290X 16.4 Crimson Driver bluescreen


      This is both a question and a warning to anyone else having a similar problem.


      I randomly got a crash after closing out of EVE Online the other day, full bluescreen with dump (The first one I've ever had on this PC in two years).


      I thought maybe it was sort of some weird overheating issue, or just a one off strange interaction with EVE, since I hadn't played it on this PC before.


      But nope, I got bluescreens before even getting to the windows login screen.  If I left my computer off for a decent amount of time, I was able to get into the desktop, but then even without playing games, or doing anything other than browsing in Chrome, same bluescreen.


      I figured my GPU might be dead, so I tried booting with no drivers for it, and everything went fine.


      To try to pinpoint the problem, I attempted switching rails on my PSU, switching PCIE slots, cleaning and reinstalling the newest drivers. Nothing worked. I figured it was toast and made an RMA request, because it's still in warranty.


      I woke up this morning and figured I hadn't tried using an older driver version. Maybe since I had the auto-updates for it enabled, I actually already had the newest drivers, and they were at fault.


      Well I'm running 15.12 now, as I'm writing this, so it seems something is certainly better, if not completely fixed.


      I've attached the crash dump from the bluescreen, if anyone cares to take a look, and perhaps help with new releases of the drivers?

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          Alright, downgrading the drivers did NOT solve the issue, only made it take longer to appear.


          I've set up an RMA for the card, but if anyone has any idea about the crash log, would still appreciate the help.

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              i have the same issue with 49 380x mi sugestion this the fault of the gpu because after i changed my 380 to 380x things start to hapend on all version of drivers and it seems to be the fault of vram memory with elpida memory its thery cheap manufacturer and its faulty and defective this is most probably and maybe there is some kind of hiden temperature sensor that is defect and it triger the card to turn off sudenly i say i am dissapointed of amd and now i am thinking to go on nvidia side since there are no other option