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    No DirectX 12 on Mobile APU+GPU (can't play Quantum Break)




      I just purchased Quantum Break, but when I try to launch it, the Windows Store can't initialize my graphics card.

      I tried to change the GPU in use in Crimson software (eco to high performance), nothing changes...

      So I did some research and through a dxdiag, I saw that I only have DirectX 11.2, but I know that my dGPU is compatible with it, but not my APU !

      So, how can I have DirectX 12 and how can I play Quantum Break (for instance) which is only DirectX12-compatible ?


      Thanks a lot


      My system specs :

      MSI GX60-3BE Hitman Edition 2 (laptop)

      Win 10 x64 Pro (latest version)

      AMD A10-5750M with HD 8650G graphics (DirectX 11.2 only) + dGPU HD 8970M (DirectX12-compatible !)

      Crimson 16.2.1 (the latest driver compatible with my combo APU+GPU... I can't install the new drivers due to my unsupported APU (now legacy))

      8GB DDR3 ...