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    XCOM 2 GPU errors


      After 2 months of back and forth with 2k 3rd lvl support I am now told that the issue are and I Quote "

      We've taken the time to look over your logs, and unfortunately all errors are originating from GPU faults.
      We suggest that you reach out to AMD Customer Service to get assistance in locating the source of the conflict
      as your hardware is more than fine as far as XCOM specifications are concerned."

      I will attach one of the Crash logs that their little snooper records. Here is the issue,  Mission load times exceed 3 mins, in order to get most of the missions to release and become playable is either pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL 2 or more times, during one the game will put itself into a windowed mode, then I hit escape, change the options to full screen and can play that mission.  The game Also crashes at this same point in the game, loading the mission data so you can play it.  Sometimes hitting escape 6 or so times will get the game to continue, sometimes not. 

      So, they now say it is the GPU, This is the ONLY GAME I AM HAVING MISSION LOADING ISSUES WITH.

      On that note, UBI's division is completely unplayable, I get severe flickering blinds or the intensity of the lighting gets so bright you cannot see anything. I have sent screen shots to UBI's support as well as a ticket and Have heard nothing back. The strange thing is when I played the beta the game did NOT do this.

      Listed below is my complete system specs, if there are GPU Errors, how can I fix????


      System Information:

      Windows 7 x64 Pro SP1

      ASRock 990FX Killer Fatal1ty Motherboard, latest Bios version is 1.03

      2 x HD7870 Radeon OC's (1 - MSI Afterburner 2 gig GDDR5, 1 - Sapphire Nitro 2 gig GDDR5)  video driver 16.4.1, Crossfire is not enabled for XCOM2

      Both are running stock clocks on GPU and memory.

      16 gig Corsair Dominator Platinum  PC2133

      OS drive SSD Samsung EVO 850 250gig SATA

      Game Drive WDC 2000 Gig 7200 rpm SATA

      Sound: Corsair H2100 7.1 wireless headphones

      Generic DVD-RW SATA

      LG Blueray RW DVD-RW

      Cooler Max E85 Green 850 watt PS



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          i have seen widespread reports with dual video cards and several game titles

          it's the reason i have largely abandoned using more than one card

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            I am not sure if it matters or not, but do you have nvidia physx installed, if so what version? I see a lot of physics errors in the log. I have not updated mine in a long time, and I have version 9.15.0428. I do not get all those errors in my log file.

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              No, have not installed that particular software since stopped playing the mass effect series

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                  Single card fixed Division, did NOT fix xcom2, I need an evaluation of this data so I can get some action done by 2k,  ordered a R9-380x Sapphire nitro card, should be here by next week.  If these issues continue, I would appreciate a dev looking at the file attached and see what they are assuming is true, if not then what is the issue.   I am looking for some help and direction in this. this is the only game in my collection of over 300 games that does this, that is including that last set of games released this year.


                  Thanks in advance