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R9 280x shutting down PC after win10 update

Question asked by luizhenriquep on Apr 10, 2016

So, I started to experience some weird things on my computer after installing the latest build of win10(1511 I guess). Some games started to crash suddenly while I'm playing for no reason, no BSOD, nothing like that, it simply shuts down and restart the computer.

I noticed that this crashes are random, but in specific points in certain games, like when I pass through a fog wall or fast travel to another bonfire in Dark Souls 2, and when someone uses the boost on Rocket League. I believe it's something related to fog effects, even CS:GO crashes randomly, like, I play 3 competitive matches in a row and nothing happens, or then I just start the game and it suddenly crashes.

The funny thing is that some games, like Killer Instinct or Street Fighter 5 are running smoothly, I can play 2 hours in a row and everything is just fine, which doesn't make any sense.

I though it might be the PSU, It's a Corsair CX750, but if it was the PSU, I believe the pc would randomly shutdown at any moment, despite the application, so I think is something with Windows and the latest Drivers of the GPU(Crimson update 16.3.2 I guess).

Can anyone have some guessings on what it might be? I'm trying to narrow it down, but I'm doing no good. Appreciate the help from the start.

By the computer specs are:
AMD FX-8350

Saphire R9 280x vapor X tri


Corsair CX750 750W psu