Win10 fixed all issues.

Discussion created by kroms on Apr 10, 2016
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So no mater what I tried {and I tried it all..just about) I couldn't get some of my new games to perform properly or even at all, like The division,Ark,,Ashes of the singularity, to name a few.


I decided leave my system as is and ADD a second SSD to install Win10 on. Now I have the option of booting either OS.

Long story short....I don't have a single issue with the Division or any of the titles I was experiencing before, in fact the performance now is superb, just great.


Not sure about you guys but if you're having issues with certain games like the Divisions, Ark, Ashes of the singularity.... Or others try a new install of Win10 Pro

The game's run so smooth and the added benefit of knowing I'm DX12 ready will change your opinion on how great your AMD card is.