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    Radeon settings display driver stopped responding and has recovered


      I recently thought it was a fantastic idea in my mind to overclock my CPU through radeon settings but I think I put on too much of an overclock and now I can't revert it. Every time I try and open Radeon Settings, my computer freezes for a few seconds and I get an error message/notification saying "display driver stopped responding and has recovered". I cannot open Radeon Settings at all to restore it to default and I can't use any application on my computer without it locking up and the message showing up. It goes on a constant loop and sometimes I have to do a hard shutdown. I really need help.


      What should I do? Is there any way to restore the settings without accessing Radeon Settings? I tried restoring my default settings in the BIOS but that didn't do anything seeing as I didn't actually overclock the chip.


      My specs are:

      AMD FX-9590

      MSI R9-290X

      16GB RAM

      CROSSHAIR V FORMULA-Z Motherboard

      COOLERMASTER 1000watt PSU (I don't think you need that but just in case I added it)


      Please help me. I really think I screwed myself good.

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          I would Boot into Safe Mode and do 2 things.


          1.  1st run a benchmark stress test on your CPU to make sure it is not damaged ( very unlikely ).  There are many stress test programs out there to do this.  Just google it.


          2. Again also in SAFE MODE, Run DDU to do a complete Uninstall of the Drives for your AMD card  and follow the prompts.  This will clean out any old drivers or any lingering  settings of old drivers. Then Install the latest Crimson Drivers for your from AMD site.  This is 16.3.2   or 16.4.1 Hotfix.


          Also I dont know if your on Win 7 pro or not , but Id seriously consider upgrading to Win10, I can believe how much better my systems runs (especially DX 12 titles like Ashes of a singularity and Hitman.  I was going to Hold off till Next  year for Windows 10 Pro but now that i installed it on a 2nd SSD  Im very Happy i tried it out. Systems runs awesome in games with Win10.  I also have the choice to Boot onto my Other ssd with Win7 on it if I choose.