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Crossfire 295x2

Question asked by tlsxavier on Apr 10, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by tlsxavier

Hi I am having some issues with my 295x2 while playing games/running applications I noticed that both GPU's are not operating properly. according to the two "profile overdrive's" in the  radeon settings application. the first GPU constantly peaks to 100% activity and goes up to 500MHZ GPU clock and 1250 MHZ Memory clock. howeve the second Profile Overdrive barely shows any activity occasionally going to 10% (mostly sits at 0%) and the GPU clock and Memory clock sit at 300 and 150 respectively. I am new to Crossfire and AMD cards having used Nvidia cards my entire life. I don't really understand the program that well and you tube video's have not been that helpful. is this normal and advice would be appreciated. I should note the primary game I play is The division. And I am using the "AFR Friendly" Mode.


Thanks in advance.