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    Can't disable crossfire via profiles


      So this seems to be an issue for me when using the crimson drivers.  Recently did a clean install of 16.4.1.  Running W7 64 bit, HD7950's in crossfire.  There are certain games that crossfire doesn't work well on, but when I try to disable crossfire for a specific game via its profile it doesn't seem to do anything.  The only way to disable crossfire is to entirely disable it, which is a pain because if there is a game I'm playing that uses crossfire, I then have to go back and re-enable it every time prior to playing.  From doing some searching it seems like other people are having this issue as well but I did not see anything about fixes or solutions.  Anyone know?


      Additionally, why does the Gaming tab under Radeon Settings seem to only detect a random smattering of games installed on my computer? Just seems like it randomly picked 25% of the games and only shows profiles for those.


      Thanks for any help!