Please make it possible to force anisotropic filtering and to set fps limit for DX12 games via driver

Discussion created by aufkrawall on Apr 9, 2016
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the game Quantum Break doesn't offer 16x anisotropic filtering by itself. On Nvidia, you can force the level of anisotropic filtering via driver. German hardware magazine PCGames Hardware has created a comparison and criticized that forcing anisotropic filtering for DX12 games isn't possible on AMD yet:

Full-HD Klickvergleich

Quantum Break PC jetzt mit klassischen Benchmarks: Technik-Test [Update]


So, please make it possible to force AF with Radeons also for DX12 games. Having 16x anisotropic filtering is a classic PC advantage over the consoles and it should be maintained.


Another issue:

Frame Rate Target Control currently doesn't work with DX12 either, while Nvidia's (unofficial) fps-limiter already works.

Would be nice if this could be adressed as well.