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    does ASUS M11BB A10-6700 have a FM2 or FM2+ motherboard?


      I have a ASUS M11BB minitower with an A10-6700.


      I'm wondering if it has an FM2 or FM2+ socket and if it pays to try to upgrade it

      to a A10-7890K if I can.


      It seems that the A10-6700 uses the FM2 socket but what I need to determine

      is what motherboard is in the computer. Haven't been able to find out googling the model

      or going on the ASUS site so it looks like at some point I'll just have to open the case,

      get the motherboard model number and google that.


      I want to do a cheap upgrade now so games I've been playing play better until I'm ready to do a

      build with perhaps a Zen processor and fast graphics card.


      I've been playing games like StarCraft II, Deus Ex Human Revolution which play ok/so so (using auto graphics settings) but could play better.


      If I have to upgrade the motherboard I don't know that it makes sense to go that route unless I see a significant

      increase in performance with the A10-7890K on the Passmark CPU benchmark chart.