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    The Ultimate 1080p Gaming rig



      This build features the best "bang for the buck" parts you could ever imagine. Welcome to the Ultimate 1080p Gaming rig! Overclocking is not an option here ! So settle down and start going FAAAAAAAST!

      The exterior look


      Lets take a look at the "cooling beast" in action



      if you take a look closer, you can see under the gpu, the cpu temps which at the moment were around 31

      Here is a better look of all components


      Now the overclock !


      Stock this cpu is at 3.5GHz, a good 25% overclock gives better performance while being super stable with only 1.16v, temps never go higher than 49deg while gaming !


      Here is the real test! The R9 390 completly destroyed the 970 (sorry nvidia fanboys)



      CPUi5 4690k
      CoolerCorsair h100i GTX
      MotherboardMSI Gaming 5 - ATX
      Memory8 GB DDR3 Kingston HyperX 1866MHz
      GraphicsMSI R9 390 8GB GDDR5
      Disc Drive 1ASUS DVD/RW
      Disc Drive 2
      Disc Drive 3{drive3}
      PSUCoolermaster V750 semi-modular (with ugly ketchup/mustard cables)
      CaseCorsair 760T - Black + Red fans
      MonitorBenq rl2455hm