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Problem with AMD APP SDK v3.0.130.136

Question asked by haahh on Apr 9, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2016 by dipak

With new version of AMD APP SDK v3.0 (v3.0.130.136) a bug was introduced (everything was OK in v3.0.130.135).


Library is not in /lib/x86_64/sdk but in /lib/x86_64/ which results in failure when compiling

OpenCL program that uses Static C++ Kernel Language (you can see the bugs here). Compilation works when is copied to /lib/x86_64/sdk.


AMD APP SDK is installed using command sh AMD-APP-SDK*.sh --tar -xf -C <amd_app_sdk_location>.


I have to mention that I would be great if you provide simple links to your AMD APP SDK because there are

open-source OpenCL libraries that use Travis-CI with your SDK and now to download it scripts like this one are required.