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R7 250 is a bad card or am i wrong?

Question asked by paulericklier on Apr 9, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2016 by black_zion

H İ ve just bought a r7 250 video card because my old card was very poor. It was an 9800 gt . before i tell my problem, its better to tell my pc specs:

Cpu : Pentium D 925 dual core CPU 3.00 ghz

Ram : 3 gb ddr2 ram

Motherboard: asus p5ld2se

Gpu (old) : Nvidia 9800 gt gddr3

Gpu (new, which i am using now): sapphire r7 250 2 gb ddr3 gpu

OS : Windows 10 32 bit


My problem is this. My old card was giving me a very good performance. I could play League of Legends with 60 fps for example. It was burned, and i had to change it. I decided to buy r7 250 video card. Everyone said to me that "it s a good card" and "it doesnt make a problem with your system" i bought it. I knew that r7 250 is more effective card than a 9800 gt. But now i think a r7 250 is equal or worse card than 9800 gt because  i can play League of Legends with just 30 fps. What is the problem? Am i wrong? I think my cpu is bottleceking my gpu. Tell your thoughts please.