The Mothership

Discussion created by kingarthur83rd on Apr 9, 2016


My daily driver/gamer also in the mix with a Corsair K70, trust 2.1 gaming speakers and generic gaming mouse from china (at this point for the mouse, I ran out of money, lol)


OC'ing doesnt really interest me, hence the stock speeds but i do like my system to be quiet, hence the freezer 13 and an abundance of controlled fans!





CPUFX8350 BE stock speeds
CoolerArctic Freezer 13
MotherboardGiga 78-LMT-USB3 rev5.0
MemoryCrucial ballistix 16gb DDR3 1600(OC)
GraphicsR7 370 4GB STRIX
Disc Drive 1SShD Seagate 1TB
Disc Drive 2
Disc Drive 3
PSUCorsair TX550M
CaseCiT Spectre in white with Corsair AF120 Purple LED fans
MonitorSamsung T220HD