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    CS:GO Less than ideal FPS





      This has been bothering me for a while, I purchased my gaming rig a few months back, I made sure my specs were more than ideal even for 1440p gaming and that was the case, it was really perfect until it hit CS:GO, this frustrates me more than anything as I have went out of my way to upgrade my i5 4460 to an i7 4770K as I thought it could help improve my fps, my FPS is no way bad it's just that I expected a lot more, my friends bought PCs around the same time as me but the only difference is that I went for an R9 390 and then all went for 970s and since then this has been getting me really mad, especially that most of them don't appreciate their stuff and i'm the only one who actually worked hard to get my stuff so they keep telling me fps doesn't matter and blah blah and I don't know if you will understand how i feel but It just frustrates me that I actually thought AMD was the perfect choice in this case the R9 390 vs the 970 and while that still holds CS:GO is just one of those games that won't click to my plan, sorry about the long blabbering post but let's get to the point..


      Before I begin here are my current specs and I will list my previous CPU and all that.

      CPU: Old i5-4460 and now the new one is an i7 4770K with an after market cooler Overclocked only to 4.0Ghz not much I know.

      RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB High performance DDR3

      GPU: PowerColor R9 390 PCS+ 8GB GDDR5 (OC by me) (GPU Clock +5% and Memory clock 1600Mhz, Power limit : +30)

      Harddrive(s): Previously I was running on a WD 1TB Blue but I got an Extra Kingston HyperX SSD 240Gb and moved my OS into it and now I have both so I store most of the games and stuff on the HDD and run my OS and important applications like Photoshop and Adobe Premiere off of my SSD.

      Motherboard: ASUS H97-PLUS

      PSU: Seasonic S12II 620W


      So now that you know my specs let's talk about my problem, I have played with my friends CS:GO a lot and most of the time when I ask them how much FPS are they getting they tell me 300FPS Locked which should be ideal if i were able to get such FPS and surprisingly one of them gets (According to him) 300FPS locked in all of the new maps which is hard to beleive since everyone is having FPS issues and no one seems to be able to maintain over 200FPS in say for example the new Nuke, I hover over 130 - 190 on the new nuke with the occasional FPS increases indoors. I was playing earlier in Mirage with 4 Bots on the T side and about 5 on CT and my fps on mirage didn't even exceed 200 FPS and that was the last straw I had to ask someone about this and why my game performs so bad, is it because i'm running an AMD card ? PLEASE I NEED AN ANSWER!, I'm playing with everything on medium with x2 multi sampling I mean c'mon dude.. at 1080p, games like Rainbow Six easily reach over a 100 fps most of the time on ultra and my average fps in those ranges between 95 and 120 FPS and I can't even reach a stable over 200 FPS in CSGO not even in a full game this is frustrating..  and don't even get me started with the new Nuke because it's completely unplayable for me as I keep getting those FPS drops every 5 secs from 150 or 130 to 10 then back and it's the only map that does that. In general I hope you understood what my problem is and If you have any idea what could be the cause please and i'm begging you please answer me is it because of my AMD card or something else.


      My friends gpu and cpu for comparison:


      CPU: Xeon E3 1231v3

      GPU: Nvidia GTX 970 I think from EVGA slightly oc but not sure.

      RAM: 16GB DDR3

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          There's a way(s) of unlocking the fps (no I'm not talking about vsync), which I don't remember and don't really care about. Ask your friend(s) for a copy of their config files and any command line arguments. Compare or use theirs. Until you're comparing apples to apples then...

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              Well I think you miss understood, I already unlocked my fps and locked it to 999 which is almost the limit (0 = 1000 which is the max) and I still get horrible fps, the start of the round before i spawn it spikes up to 400 fps.

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                  I feel like your FPS goals are a little extensive for CS:GO. Regardless of the comparison to your friends setups, why are you trying to achieve 300 FPS stable? Do you have a monitor that exceeds 144 Hz? If not, 150 FPS is a more ideal goal.


                  With that being said, I agree with you, you should be getting higher frames. Consider I'm running an AMD 6300 with an R9 380 4GB and I run completely maxed out every settings and get 150FPS stable without a single drop in 20 player deathmatches....


                  Alright, What's your AMD profile settings like? Do you have power efficiency turned off?  Do you have tessellation turned off? Are your filtering settings set to performance over quality?  Are you making sure updated to the latest April 6th drivers? Does your GPU have ample power from PSU?


                  Let's consider CS:GO relies more on the CPU than the GPU. Is your CPU running hot and throttling back your frequency? Does your CPU have ample power from PSU? Do you have power saving features turned on in the BIOS causing throttling? Are you overclocked, if so, is there enough voltage to CPU and RAM



                  How about CS:GO rates and launch options? Do you have updaterate and cmdrate set right? In your launch options do you have the amount of -threads set for your CPU?



                  There are many things that can be holding you back, but don't give up just yet. I had trouble at first with my AMD setup, but now that I have everything figured out I saved a lot of money and have a system that performs just as well as the Intels. The reason I keep mentioning your PSU is because it is fairly low for that GPU and CPU. I mean, it's not bad and there's only a small chance that's the issue but you really should have went for something with a little more wattage. 750+ would be a lot safer. Good luck.

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                      Also, the dropping to 10 frames is more than likely due to the fact you moved your games to your HDD. But definitely check power efficiency in AMD settings as that dropped my frames in games for sure.

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                          Well me trying to get more fps is generally because I think i should be getting a lot more than what i'm currently getting.

                          I have only changed a few things in my AMD profile settings for example : Texture Filtering Quality is set to Performance and that's actually pretty much it, I have power saving off and fps limit off.


                          I'm running the latest drivers 16.4.1 the latest hotfix.


                          I'm not entirely sure what do you mean by ample power or how to check it..


                          I don't have any power saving's options, I made sure all of them are turned off.


                          My CPU runs hottest at 80 degrees and doesn't throttle at all and it's not Over-clocked, my GPU however is slightly overclocked and runs max at 71 - 76 degrees Celsius.


                          As for my launch options are as follows: -novid -high -threads 8 +cl_forcepreload 1 -nod3d9ex1 -nojoy +mat_queue_mode 2