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    How to turn off crossfire under 16.3.2


      Just upgraded to 16.3.2 and found half of my monitors disabled.


      I have two Radeon R9 290x cards and 6 monitors.  When I 'upgraded' to windows 10, the 15.x driver had this problem and I had to revert to my previous windows 8,1 configuration. it was subsequently fixed, being able to go to the radeon additional settings and turn off crossfire so went back to windows 10. A couple weeks an update came through that turned on crossfire. I was able to turn it off in the usual expected manner. Now this update came through and I can't.


      I do not see an option to turn off crossfire anywhere logical or otherwise in the main radeon settings, additional settings or properties in the device manager.


      I never, under any circumstances want crossfire enabled. Period. I have two cards to drive 6 monitors, not to drive 3 with twice the horsepower. Is the ability to turn this off completely gone? Am I blind? Do I have to become a NVidia customer? I've tried the 16.4.1 update and that was not helpful. Unfortnately I don't know what version I need to install to regain the functionality I just lost.  Any help is welcome. Ever since the new menu layout for the control center came out I'm largely lost, so I'm hoping I just am not seeing where the thing moved to.

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          New findings. GPU-z wasn't showing the second video card, even though the fans were spinning like they should. I tore the machine down and verified that it was indeed dead.


          Not being able to find another R9-290X Locally I bought two new R9-380x cards and put the 290x into spare,


          Cleaning out all of the drivers and installing the new ones didn't help. GPU-z sees both cards, and radeon settings will not start.  I have tried the drivers that came with the card, and when using those both cards worked and all 6 monitors function. Launching a game hangs the machine on that release.


          When I attempt to use 16.3.2 or 16.4.1 Radeon settings does not come up on the dock, but it is available through start menu but does not launch.


          I'm pretty much out of ideas. Any help is greatly appreciated.  I'm about to take these things out and go with nvidia.

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            Am I blind? Do I have to become a NVidia customer? I


            What good does your question have in a user-to-user forum? If you want to talk to AMD > AMD Issue Reporting Form