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r9 295x2 not recognizing htc vive connection

Question asked by mango on Apr 9, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by edophx

I apologize if this is not the right forum section to post this. I have an r9 295x2 with dual monitor setup (one via mini DP to DP connection and the other via DVI)

I recently got my htc Vive and cannot get my gpu to recognize it as a monitor. I have tried connecting it via an hdmi to mini DP port cable as well as a mini DP to DVI cable without any success. The only configuration that even lights up the vive headset is a hdmi cable from the vive to a dvi to hdmi converter in my gpu.


When I have the headset plugged into the dvi (through an hdmi to dvi converter) I can get steam vr running, and it recognizes the headset. I can mirror the display on the monitor and it shows what I'm supposed to be seeing through the headset with appropriate motion tracking when I move the headset but nothing actually comes out the headset display itself


In control panel under displays I do not have the option of selecting the htc vive as a monitor or to even mirror the outputs.


I have the latest drivers installed. I know its not the actual ports on the gpu as those ports support a monitor just fine.


the only thing I haven't tried is a straight mini DP to mini DP connection as I'm waiting for that cable to come in the mail. In the meantime if you guys have any suggestions or have heard of this issue I'd greatly appreciate the input.


Edit: I should add that I have gone through HTC support and after a frustrating 5 hours they came to the conclusion that it must be my GPU that's the issue...


Edit2: I tried my headset on my friends GTX 960 and it worked fine. So this is clearly an issue with AMD and drivers. Super frustrating to be honest given how expensive this card was.. I will reach out through AMD tech support but to anyone else experiencing this I just thought I'd update.


Edit3: Well I ended up getting it working in the end with a mini DP to mini DP cable (took a while for the shipment to come in). That is the only cable variation that it worked on (I even tried hdmi to dvi without any success). Haven't heard back from AMD support but not sure it matters at this point. At the end of the day if you have a R9 295x2 and are thinking about getting the VIVE I would strongly suggest getting a mini DP to mini DP cable at the same time