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    R9 m265x bios


      Hi Guys!


      I have a Problem (the first one, how I don't speak English ). I have a Laptop: Dell 3537 with Radeon 8850m Graphic Card. On previous Week come a notification from new Crimson driver. I tried to refresh my old Driver but my Internet is so slow (REALY slow: 70kb/s ) so I stopped it by 2% (10minutes!!!). Since the System freezes, when I try to install any VGA Driver. ANY Driver: Dell oficial Driver, Windows official Driver (left click in Device Manager am Graphic Card), the new or old Ati Drivers. I tried BIOS reset and new Windows install - did not help. Nothing. The Problem on the old win10 and on new one exactly samething. I used my google and I found tipp, that possibly my VGA BIOS is bad. When I run the AtiWinFlash, then I see that:


      Pasteboard — Uploaded Image

      I realy need a help!!

      thx a lot - Andy