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no video signal after moving mouse in win10

Question asked by xplorer on Apr 7, 2016

At power options, at "turn off the display" I have "10 minutes", and at "put the computer to sleep" I have "never". After 10 minutes, video signal is turned off, and the monitor turns off. When I move the mouse, video signal is turned on, and monitor turns on. With Windows 10 build 10586 I had one case, so far, when if I move the mouse, the video signal doesn't turn on, and therefore the monitor doesn't turn on, and in order to force the video signal to turn on, I have to press the reset button to cause windows to restart.


The gpu is Radeon HD5450, the driver version is 15.201.1151.1008 (04.11.2015) and it was installed automatically by Windows 10. through Windows Update.


This problem did not exist when I used Windows 7 SP1 on the same computer, with Catalyst version 15.7.1 released on 7/29/2015.


What would you advise:

- not going from Windows 10 back to Windows 7, but uninstalling driver 15.201.1151.1008 from 04.11.2015, and installing Catalyst 15.7.1 from 7/29/2015 ?

- or, going from Windows 10 back to Windows 7, and installing Catalyst 15.7.1 from 7/29/2015, because it doesn't cause this problem that it causes in Windows 10 ?

- or, something else... maybe changing some settings, disabling something, etc...