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Black screen flashing after 15.12

Question asked by mindphuq on Apr 7, 2016

Hello, I'm experiencing a very strange issue with every driver version after Crimson 15.12. I have a Sapphire R9 390, and there are 1440p monitor connected through DP and a Toshiba LCD TV connected through HDMI. I never experience the black screen flashes with the monitor, but I get alot of them on my TV. First I thought that there's a hardware issue with the cable or the VGA, but i experience it only with drivers after 15.12, which makes me think it is a software issue. I've tried with a freshly installed Windows 10, problem is still there. Drivers are installed only with removing the old ones with DDU under safe mode. It's important to mention that the flashes never appear when playing a game or watching a movie - only when browsing web sites (which I do alot on my TV) and doing stuff in Windows. Also when a flash occurs the sound doesn't stop, there are no errors or something - just 1-2 consecutive flashes for 1-2 seconds each. I've crawled through the web for a solution, but didn't find anything useful. I've also tried messing with amd control panel alot, nothing solves the problem. Is there someone who could identify the problem and help me? Should I contact AMD, because I'm almost 100% sure that is a driver related problem? Thanks in advance, feel free to ask me any questions if needed, I will check this thread very frequently.


P.S.: I've recorded and uploaded a video of the mentioned issue, so it's easier for you to understand me - amd hdmi problem - YouTube