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A8 5500 and R9 380 in a system, which driver to install ???

Question asked by joe-k7 on Apr 8, 2016
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I've upgraded the system of my son about X-mas and replaced the dedicated GPU by a MSI R9 380 graphics card. At that time I've installed the latest available driver from AMD driver download. The system ran perfect, using the A8 internal GPU and the R9 380 as it should do (at least I had the impression it worked fine, I did not had any issues during installation).


OK, system was fine, I've upgraded about four weeks ago to Win 10 (from Win 7) and all worked perfect. Performance was still very good.


Bad thing, the system disk crashed and cannot be recovered. Second bad thing, I did not back-up my system after installation of the R9 380 graphics card (i.e. since about 6 months).


OK, I thought this would be a time consuming but easy task to make a clear installation of the graphics driver based on the existing back-up, but I failed.


I've used the autodetect utility, which named the internal GPU (IGP) and the dedicated graphics card, let the system download the driver package but got the information, that my current IGP HD 7560D is not compatible and I should abort the installation ?!?


The linked KB article mentioned showed some information I did not really understand, but I've got the feeling, that the current drivers do not support my IGP and GPU constellation. From the article I understood the last driver supporting (my) IGP is a Beta version (16.2.1) and the official one (15.7.1). But I do not see a support of my R9 380 on the driver page ?!?


I've taken 16.2.1 and installed it accordingly, but my R9 380 was not recognized as such in the device manager ?!?



I'm totally puzzled and don't know what to do, which driver to take. I'm really disappointed about the autodetect utility, because that should know, which is the best driver.


Should I use the latest available driver, enabling better support/performance for my R9 380 card and ignore the internal GPU ? Would that cause issues wrt system performance or stability ?


Any help is really appreciated.


Thanks and kind regards,