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W600 Issue with a 4 Screen Video Wall

Question asked by spendy26 on Apr 7, 2016

Hi, I am currently working in a school and they have 4 of the 42UB820V TV's (4K supports 60Hz)  on a video wall with the top  2 screens upside down ( so bottom 2 are on wall at the correct way up and the top 2 are upside down due to the bezzel. The issues they have is that now the top 2 screens are upside down so are the images ( there is a different image on each of the 4 screens) I have installed the new drivers etc and AMD have confirmed the drivers  should enable me to rotate the screen 180 degrees but it just won't work. Any suggestions? I am assuming that as its a consumer TV and not a display screen and thats why I can't flip the image? Any ideas?