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    hcc GitHub vs BitBucket



      I have some questions about hcc code in GitHub (Releases · RadeonOpenCompute/hcc · GitHub) I have been following hcc development on Bitbucket and tried some versions on my Kaveri desktop machine. It seem, however, that AMD wants to develop AMD HSA+ specific version on GitHub. Will I be able to run this on my Kaveri iGPU? Or does this only support Fiji for now? Other than the release page, there are no information about the differences between this version and the version on BitBucket. The main readme.txt seem very old and has not been updated include changes being made to this version. In fact, the main readme still points to the old HSA Foundation release https://github.com/HSAFoundation/HSA-Drivers-Linux-AMD as a requirement which conflicts with the information on the release page.


      When I build GitHub version, it seems to build hcc-hlc. I'm wondering if I can build and try hcc on my Kaveri desktop.


      Any help would be appreciated.