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Sound is completely dead after updating

Question asked by givemema on Apr 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2016 by waltc

So today I saw there's an update to the Crimson drivers, decided to let it auto update.

Left my room, came back a few hours later, saw everything got installed.

Suddenly I had no sound, at all.

The settings seem like everything is fine and is working, but on reality, there's no sound coming out of my PC.

I tried using different headphones, tried plugging both on the front of my PC and on the back of my PC - nothing works, sound is dead.

When I lower the volume to 0 and the put it back up, I can hear like a low sound coming out of my headphones.

I have already uninstalled all of AMD drivers, and reinstalled my audio drivers (REALTEK).

Still - sound is completely dead.

When I open my "Playback devices" and right click on my "speakers" (headphones), I click "test" and it says "Error! failed to play test tone."

If anyone has any idea as to how to fix the mess AMD did on my PC with this update, please let me know.