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    r9 380 driver crashing since purchase


      Okay so I'll start this off by saying I have been a long time amd customer and never had too many issues with a graphics card. I built a new machine a little bit ago and was very excited to see what the MSI r9 380 gaming 4g could do...but I have had nothing but trouble with this card since the purchase. I started noticing issues when playing Fallout 4 came out but I just assumed it was the typical bethesda release problems, but then I started playing other games that my old 4-5 year old card had no issue running at all and had constant driver crashes which sometimes led to my monitors completely going black. I dealt with it for awhile but this most recent set of drivers has made it unbearable. I have been playing ds1 and ds2 in preparation for ds3 but have had nothing but crashes every 30ish minutes which require a full reboot to fix since my monitors go black. I don't even know how many hours I put into looking up solutions (which none have helped even a little) but I really am regretting going with amd right now especially with all these amazing games coming out in 2016. Has AMD addressed these issues at all? Is there a solution I am missing or is this card just not very good?


      Oh and I did go back to the 15.11 drivers but I still do get the same type of crashes

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          Thank you for the post. We continue to investigate claims of driver crashes and black screens from a small section of R9 380 users.


          Have you tried updating to our latest Crimson 16.4.1 drivers?


          The issues you have described could be caused by a faulty driver, or a faulty graphics card. To test the latter, please try lowering the core clock of your R9 380 by 300Mhz and see if this has any effect on the issue you are experiencing.

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            Mine has been crashing quite a bit since August, I hang onto it with some bit of faith it'll get fixed, I've tried everything suggested and even replaced it once.  I've read from a few people that it's a flaw between gigabyte mobos and this series of cards, and when I see people reporting this, they have a gigabyte mobo. I've seen AMD mostly dodge this issue since I bought the thing and am kinda glad to see them noticing it more now, but I've been feeling kinda screwed for a while.

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              My card is Saphire r9 380 and i have same issue but only when i updating drivers. When im going back to v. 15.301.1201.0 it stops crashes but i have rediculiosly low fps in ds3, with this card i surely can have 60 fps at min settings, right? but i dont.