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MSI r9 390 144hz problem

Question asked by sil130 on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by ianni

Hey guys i need help. I just bought a new xl2730z. Everytime I set the refresh rate higher than 60hz, i get black screens and flickers,artifacts. First I thought it was a cable problem, I tried both DP cable and DVI dual link cable included and still no fix. So I went back to the shop where i bought it, they tested it using a r7 270 since they dont have r9 390 available for testing. So now im fiddling with the settings and I found one small fix(?). Changing the color depth to 6 bpc enables me to go upto 100hz. Higher than that then i get problems. I already tried "clear user" on xl2730z settings. Installed 15.11 and 16.1 drivers using DDU and still no fix. I saw a similar thread difference is he only gets problems when gaming, while I cant even set it on desktop. Does anyone experienced this also? My last resort would be sending my card to RMA. Thanks!

Black screen video : for bad quality)