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    Can my CPU handle it?!


      Hey guys,


      I'm kinda new to this kind of forum, but i'm going to do my best.


      I want to upgrade my PC with a new graphics card. But I dont know if my CPU can handle the graphics card.


      My proccessor: AMD A10-6800K (4.1Ghz, can be overclocked to 4,4Ghz)


      The graphics card I want: MSI Geforce 970 4GB


      Can my CPU handle it? Otherwise i will buy the MSI Geforce 960 4GB


      I hope you guys can help me. If you have any questions, please ask.

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          Yes the APU can support those GPUs. A better match might be an AMD Radeon R9 390 though, as it's a faster GPU.

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            Hey pcno0b


            Although, I know you weren't requesting GPU recommendations from us here in the forums, I have to agree withamdmatt on this. Not only does it offer much more price to performance value, it's overall the much better GPU. Even when thinking in terms of the initial cost, the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 3.5GB @$319.99 which is currently the cheapest 970 available from Amazon and the VisionTek Radeon R9 390 8GB @$329.99 which is currently the cheapest R9 390 available from Amazon.


            That $10 difference is marginal considering you're getting so much more for your money. With developers utilizing more and more Vram with each new AAA release, I guarantee you'd regret the purchase of a GTX 970 with it's 3.5GB of Vram very shortly afterwards as do most of my friends who own(ed*) them.


            When Nvidia lied about the 970 having 4GB of usable Vram, I tried to inform my friends that it was only able to utilize under 3.5 at a maximum when tested, but they refused to listen. Then a few months later when multiple benchmarking sites started documenting all the data they had collected, showing that once it reached 3.5GB or above the performance degraded immensely, Nvidia finally claimed it was a typo within the specifications and that it indeed only had access to 3.5GB of its total 4GBby design. So proceed with purchasing a GTX 970 with caution, because the data is there for you to view across the net and it's not pretty.


            When thinking in terms of the R9 390, you would definitely have the peace of mind that you likely wouldn't run out of Vram anytime soon. Then in the future if you felt the need for an upgrade, the R9 390 or (X) is in my opinion one of the best choices (if not the best) for a crossfire configuration available on the market today. So you'd always have that as an option instead of having to completely overhaul your system, yet at a much lower cost. So, to each his/her own, but the R9 390 8GB is definitely the better choice and would be money well spent.


            Anyways, good luck choosing your new graphics solution whatever it may be and have a nice day.

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