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r9 280just revs up every 2-3minutes and higher heat than usual.

Question asked by noratek on Apr 6, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by noratek

Hey Guys,


need some help. The last update i did caused my Graphic card to rev up its Fan for about 1 second to very fast and then it returns to normal(low sound) when i play games.

Furthermore, when i played Battlefield 4 it usually turns up its speed quite a bit and goes to about 70 Degrees Celsius.

Today it didnt, when i checked the temperature because i didnt hear the fan about 8 minutes in. it was at 97C* and i immediatley stopped.

Until it is resolved i decided i will play low graphic games like League of legends. Here my average temperature is about 35-45. Today it was 55.


I tried reinstalling the AMD graphic Drivers already and the problem persists.


Here are my Stats:

i7 2550

r9 280

16 gigs of ram



Any ideas?