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    overscan option missing?


      I've looked at the other threads , I have. None their solutions have worked in my case. My screen doesnt fit into the monitor, and in the past this wasnt an issue, until CCC turned into Radeon settings and whatnot. Now the overscan/underscan option found in Radeon additional settings is just kind of gone, along with a whole bunch of other options. And yes, I have read in other threads that its supposed to be a bad install of the driver. Yet i've done clean installs of the drivers over, and over, and over again. Nothing has changed. I've also read that I'm supposed to go to the top right button labeled "preferences" and enable advanced mode or something. There is no such option in that tab. I've attempted doing the RegEdit fix, however hesitantly, but regedit crashes when I try to find what i need  to find. This is nothing short of a curse of some sort. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

      This is what the Additional Preferences look like for what it's worth: Gyazo - 82b8883dceff8b046d47ad76dde9b85a.png

      Is it at all possible there is a problem with my graphics card? Like it's not driver compatible at this point? (Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon R7 200 Series)