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    MSI R9 380 Driver update issues


      Recently I have noticed by the 2 recent updates to the crimson 16.4.0 and crimson 16.4.1 update that my GPU has been acting up.

      These events happen only while I play games, I have verified each game is installed correctly via steam.

      These events include;

      • This error code: D3D Error - DXGI__ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED, after Alt-Tabbing out then into a game (never happened before), I have tried installed the drivers again and nothing has fixed this (Driver verison 16.4.1).
      • My screen while playing games freezes, goes black and then says 'No Video' (Both driver versions).


      I have reseated my GPU to rule out that problem.


      If anyone needs more information please feel free to ask.

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          If you roll back to an older driver does that resolve the issue?

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            Same here, on dark solus 2 i hade freeze whit black screen

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              I haven't had the error screen come up, but I've had issues since the driver update. I tried just about everything. Pretty much all the games I've tried since the update (Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Witcher 3, Verdun) have had erratic jumps in FPS, screen tearing, jagged edges, objects taking a while to appear, pretty much the works. They did run smoother and stopped crashing when I turned off Crimson Super Resolution (didn't know the update turned that on). I also tried targeting the FPS in Crimson, anti aliasing etc...( all did nothing). Then I uninstalled and downgraded to 16.3.1 and that did nothing. Then I tried 16.3.2, then 16.4.1 again... nothing. I did a reinstall of the latest driver, and back to square 1. I then did a Memory diagnostic of my PC, and there were no issues. I then did a restore before my most recent Tune UP, in case something important was accidentally deleted after the update, and no dice. Finally I tried just resetting Windows, just in case something else could be screwing it up... and nothing. So It's definitely on AMD's end, and GPU/Driver related. I couldn't find an explanation, but on a review site for the new update it did say that "very few R9 380 users were experiencing fan speed issues, and using OverDrive to speed the fan up." I don't know if that's the fix. I've never messed with the fan stuff before, nor did I have OverDrive installed. I still haven't seen anything online that says the fan issue is connected to the graphical issues, just that there are issues with fan speed period. Anyway if I figure it out I'll let you know, but until then It seems I'm just as stuck...