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    Confused about the G/APU on HP notebook. Is it working properly?


      Hi there. This could be a bit confusing, but stick with me. My wife recently bought a HP Pavilion 15-ab113na. It really confuses me when it comes to the APU.

      It has a "A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon Graphics"(R5 in Device Manager). In the Info section of the Catalyst settings it says it has a primary adapter and a linked adapter. I don't really understand this, but it says the 'linked adapter' is an R7 M360. I'm guessing by the settings, that for intensive graphics processing, the linked adapter, which seems to have better specs, is utilized.

      However, when I run Adobe CC apps, like Media Encoder, it doesn't seem to utilize it. And the GPU/APU/whatever isn't selectable as the renderer. Shouldn't this be the perfect opportunity for it to do it's thing? A four minute, 10fps,  single-image 720p video takes more than 2hrs to render currently.


      I have researched some of these problems and carried out some fixes, but nothing seems to work. I have added 'Adobe Media Encoder.exe' to the high performance graphics section, and put all settings on highest/maximize performance, throughout the Catalyst settings. But when I look in HWM, The GPU is still on 0%. Media Encoder doesn't even show up in the recent apps or monitor lists in the Catalyst centre.


      Also, on startup After Effects CC gives a notice saying that I need cuda or something else, so it has to use the CPU instead. Why is this?


      Extra Info:

      I installed the latest driver manually(Device Manager said it was up to date already), but it wasn't Catalyst, it was something else from AMD(16.2... I think). I didn't like it at all, it made no difference and it installed some stuff I don't need, so I uninstalled it, uninstalled the drivers from the display adapters in Device Manager, restarted and the original version drivers were installed already. So I downloaded the original Catalyst control centre from the OEM and reinstalled it.


      I read somewhere that these APUs(A8, etc) work well with Adobe CC apps, so that makes it all the more frustrating.


      Am I doing something wrong here?