A10-7870K + R7 250

Discussion created by luisfpr on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by craftyshinobi

I've recently purchased a low profile Dell R7 250 (No Power Plug) to pair it with my A10-7870K APU in Dual Graphics mode. I've seeing huge performance gains with this simple and cheap configuration in 1080p settings and my FPS are between 60 to 30 average (Sometimes dipping down to 15 FPS for just seconds). I've run different synthetic benchmarks such as Uniengine's Valley and Heaven, both with similar results. However I've noticed more performance gains just by disabling Ambient Occlusion in settings, with and average of 10 to 15 FPS gains.


I believe this is a nice option for any player that is tight in budget and wants nice playable performance out of an APU.


Hope this can help anybody considering this nice to explore gaming environment!