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    R7 360 Linux drivers


      I have an R7 360 and have to use the fglrx drivers in Ubuntu 15.10 because the open source ones aren't up to par. They don't support Opengl 4.0 (only support 3.0 or 3.3) and this means I can't play most games in my steam library. It also performs worse than the fglrx driver (which in turn is worse than on Windows).


      The newest LTS release of Ubuntu is coming out this month and the fglrx drivers aren't supported anymore. I know AMD is working on new drivers but I would like to know from someone at AMD or someone in the know when will these release? Will they support the r7 360? Will the new cards coming out soon be supported? How is the performance? There is no Catalyst manager anymore? How will I change settings?


      I'm in the market for a new higher end card and I'm waiting for the new cards to come out, but I have to know about the driver situation on Linux before I can make a commitment.