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atimpag.sys bsod after clean intall(radeon hd7650m)

Question asked by drgrain on Apr 5, 2016

Well short story, my laptop was chrashing on ocasion with atimpag.sys bsod, so i decided to go full on. Wiped the drives completely and installed a fresh system, but now i cant even instal the drivers, none of them, i tried the manufacturer prvided ones 13.9 and the newest avialable to my gpu 15.71 the same isue persists midway though the instalation i get a bsod, which not only crashes the system but also somehow disables intelhd drivers so they become unusable. Things that i have done to try remedy this situation: bios update, windows update, another clean install, all other drivers are installed, no other software.

Laptop in question:

Hp probook 4540s

Intel i5-3210m(2.5gHz)

8gb ram

Radeon 7650m 2 gb gpu.