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    7660G/8670M combo driver issues





      As you all know, most of the 7 series graphics cards have been discontinued in terms of driver support and I have a serious problem right now:


      I have a no longer supported card AND a supported card that is now worthless since I cannot upgrade the drivers any longer, when I try to install the latest driver it says my 7660G is not compatible and I can still install it but my computer will fall back to the default windows drivers at a very low resolution (the 8670m does appear to work though) rendering my laptop useless.


      AND this is the most annoying thing EVER because the radeon control center sees that I have one supported card all I get these days is "please upgrade your driver, please upgrade now, a new driver update is available" and it's so annoying as it will never go away :/



      Is there anything I can do?