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    MSI 290x 3G Gaming with LG L245WP EDID override



      after much reading and trying to fix this problem, here is the situation: 
      LG Monitor model L245WP does not work properly when driven by hdmi.
      Symptom is a screen shifted left and up, and cropped on left and right sides. picture quality is poor, too.
      The monitor works fine with the normal Windows Driver.
      The problem is in the monitor's EDID, which describes the monitor incorrectly when interrogated over hdmi.
      The incorrect EDID information has to do with the width of the monitor being reported as 432mm instead of 520

      So far the Problem.
      On NVIDA you had to add a EDID_Override on the registry an it fits perfectly
      With my new ATI 290x I find there no option to override the EDID. If i change the EDID at:
      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\DISPLAY\GSM5624\1&8713bca&0&UID0\Device Parameters]

      They are reset to the wrong read out EDID data after reboot.


      Now my question, how could i change the EDID data or can I disable the EDID will be always read out from the Monitor?


      About mz System:


      MSI 290x 3G Gaming

      Prozessor Intel I5 4690

      8GB Ram



      Many Thanks,