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Radeon R9 270 black screen issue, but different symptoms

Question asked by tutescrew on Apr 4, 2016


HP ENVY Phoenix 810 PC

Model 810-250se

Windows 10 64 bit


AMD Radeon R9 270


My PC has had a black screen/reboot issue for the past 10 days or so. My son, who plays the games on it, believes that the above video card is causing the problem. There was a recent set of Windows 10 updates that included a driver for this hardware, but after several attempts to install it (including RESETS of Windows 10 with an image CD) via the update and/or directly from the March 28 AMD download, the farthest that I get is a black screen after the driver software attempts to install. I have done this with Windows Defender disabled. I have tried in Safe Mode with and without Networking, but  the AMD Crimson software will not run there. I did use the AMD removal utility as well.

The earliest problem, before I started all the diagnostics, was a reboot loop.

Having said all this, at one point I ran the HP BIOS utility than scans all the hardware for failures…guess what, video memory FAILED:

Failure ID 0LM8HS-00082V-QFFV7F-Q2WM03

Is this an indication that the card is toast, or that the driver and chipset is just missing/messed up?

Another symptom is a weird set of vertical stripes on some graphical features.

So I guess my question is, where do I go from here to get the PC back up?