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Hey Red Team,


Within this thread you can locate multiple helpful tech tools, utilities and more, all in one location. I will continually update this thread on a regular basis, as well as make additions that I believe everyone here in the AMD community might find useful. Each link and/or download location have been tested personally to be safe and most (not all) are taken directly from the developers site to ensure your safety when navigating using the links provided.


I hope this thread will assist the entire AMD community to the best of my abilities and I will attempt to ensure that only quality applications make the cut so as to not waste your time. I've used (and will use) anything represented within the confines of this thread personally, so if they're listed here, they're most definitely worth a look and warrant consideration.


Know of a utility, software application or something else you think the AMD community would benefit from? Fantastic! If there's something that you'd like to see included here in this thread that you don't see listed, simply leave a comment with the name and a basic description of what it's functionality is and I'll check it out. Once I confirm that it's not bloatware and the link is safe for AMD community members to navigate to, I'll include it within the thread! All AMD community members that contribute with a recommendation that's chosen for display here, will receive credit atop this thread for all AMD community members to see!


So, what are you waiting for Red Team, let's get to work and compile the list to end all lists so we have it all in one location for new users and veterans alike who visit our community!


Thanks in advance and have a nice day! 


1: Table of Contents


  1. Table of Contents (You are here*)
  2. Hardware Monitoring Tools (System and/or Component Specific)
  3. CPU Stress Test Tools
  4. GPU Stress Test Tools
  5. System Benchmarking Software
  6. CPU Benchmarking Software
  7. GPU Benchmarking Software
  8. Third Party Overclocking Utilities/Tools
  9. Mouse Accuracy and Pointer Click Training (and/or) Sensitivity Adjustment Tools (Great for FPS players)
  10. Component Research Tools
  11. Tools for a proper clean driver installation (preparation and maintenance)
  12. Windows maintenance tools


2: Hardware Monitoring Tools (System and/or Component Specific)


Hardware monitoring tools are a necessity when performing computer maintenance. Any of the tools below will serve you well, but

some may be better suited for you depending on your technical knowledge and/or the data you're trying to collect.



Monitoring ToolsLink LocationFeatures ListPriceFreewareOpen Source
Open Hardware MonitorOpen Hardware Monitor - Core temp, fan speed and voltages in a free software gadgetYesYes
HWMonitorHWMONITOR | Softwares | CPUIDYes
HWMonitor ProHWMONITOR-PRO | Softwares | CPUIDNo
CPU-ZCPU-Z | Softwares | CPUIDYes
GPU-ZGPU-Z Video card GPU Information UtilityYes
CoretempCore TempYesYes
AIDA64AIDA64 Extreme | AIDA64$39.99-$199.99Free Trial


3: CPU Stress Test Tools


A necessity for checking general CPU stability, CPU stress test tools should be installed on every computer, but most importantly

as you likely already know, if you're an avid overclocker you absolutely must utilize these tools after each adjustment for validation

of your CPU's stability. Read each programs FAQ for guidelines as to what settings are best suited for you and the tests you're

planning to conduct before delving into the test blindly. Some tests are better suited for different CPU architectures, so read up

before hand, so you're educated as to what to expect when the test is conducted.


CPU Stress Test ToolLink LocationFeatures ListPriceFreewareOpen Source
Intel Burn TestIntelBurnTest - The new stress-testing program

Yes/Accepting Donations

IntelBurnTest - The new stress-testing program

Prime 95Download Prime95 - MajorGeeksYes
S & M FPU Test
Stress LINxStresslinuxYes
OCCTHomeYes/Accepting Donations
msi cpu burner.exeMSI Kombustor 3.5.0 released, New GPU Computing Tests Added (Updated: v3.5.1.0 + v2.5.9) – Geeks3DFound within the MSI Kombustor folder as cpuburner.exeYes


4: GPU Stress Test Tools


GPU stress test tools are a fantastic utility to have installed on your computer for multiple reasons, from basic temperature

testing after a new thermal compound application, to ensuring you're R9 290X graphics card(s) are correctly operating at PCI-E Gen

3.0 x16@ 16.1.2 when troubleshooting, they're an essential tool for everyone, from enthusiast to the general user.



5: System Benchmarking Software


System benchmarking software utilities are fantastic for both enthusiasts as well as the general user. For the general user they can

be used for basic benchmarking to locate a system bottleneck to assist in researching a new component or of course for the enthusiasts

can be used for competition purposes. Each of the following system benchmark software programs have their strengths and weaknesses,

but that will vary based on necessity. Regardless, each of the following programs will serve you well as they all offer a fantastic feature



System Benchmark SoftwareLink LocationFeaturesPriceFreewareOpen Source
NovabenchNovabench - Free Computer Benchmark SoftwareYes
PassmarkPassMark Software - PC Benchmark and Test Software$27.99Free TrialNo
PCMark8PCMark 8 - The Complete Benchmark$49.99Yes/Basic Edition
Si SoftSandraSiSoftware | Windows, GPGPU, Android, iOS analysers, diagnostic and benchmarking apps$49.99 and UpYes/Basic Edition


6: CPU Benchmarking Software


CPU benchmarking software is used in multiple scenarios, for the general user they can be used to test if an upgrade is necessary

now or in the immediate future amongst many other applications. For the overclocking enthusiast they can be used to gather data

as to how much was gained (if anything) after your most recent overclock adjustments.


Either way, they're an incredibly useful tool to possess and all should have at least a basic knowledge of how to use them, as well

as what the results mean in your given situation. The following CPU benchmarking utilities are all incredibly sound, so check to see

which one is right for you and get benchmarking!


CPU Benchmark SoftwareLink LocationFeaturesPriceFreewareOpen Source
Prime95Download Prime95 - MajorGeeksYes
AIDA64AIDA64 Extreme | AIDA64


7: GPU Benchmarking Software


GPU benchmarking utilities are an often used tool for the pc gamer as well as the enthusiast. They can be used for general GPU

benchmarks, with the purpose being assessing where your current GPU stands (resource wise) and whether or not it might be time

for an upgrade or for the overclocking enthusiast to assess what gains (if any) were obtained after your most recent adjustments.


Whatever category you fit into, GPU benchmarks in my opinion are a necessity for not only the overclocking enthusiast, but for the

PC gaming community in a whole. If you don't have a GPU benchmarking utility on your drive, you're going about being a PC gamer

in a way that's going to eventually lead to headaches and hardships when you least expect it. So, don't wait until the last minute.

Download one of the following GPU benchmarking tools and assess how your video card is performing.


If you're a member of Red Team , why not download 3DMark and submit your score to AMD community member  sgtbilko over at

the  AMD Firestrike Performance/Extreme/Ultra Scores thread and get involved with the community? Who knows, you might just

become the next overclocking guru like Sami Mäkinen. Everyone's got to start somewhere, so make that day today and benchmark

your video card like a pro!



GPU Benchmark SoftwareLink LocationFeaturesPriceFreewareOpen SourceDRM
UnigineUNIGINE: real-time 3D engineYes
3DMark3DMark - test your graphics card with the gamer's benchmarkDX10/11/12$24.95Yes/Basic EditionSteam and DRM Free Site Access
3DMark113DMark 11 - DirectX 11 video card benchmark from FuturemarkDX11$19.95Yes/Basic EditionSteam and DRM Free Site Access
3DMark vantage3DMark Vantage - DirectX 10 video card benchmark from FuturemarkDX10$9.95Yes/Basic EditionDRM Free Site Acess
CatzillaCatzilla Computer Benchmark - HomeDX11$3.99-$14.99Yes/Basic EditionSteam


8: Third Party GPU Overclocking Software


Although AMD Overdrive is a powerful overclocking utility supplied by no other than Advanced Micro Devices themselves, sometimes

third party overclocking utilities are either better suited for certain skill levels, easier to use, more user friendly or depending on how

much you're willing to learn can gain you more than AMD's own offering via deep within the programs text files.


Regardless of what category you fall into overclocking your GPU is a no brainer. Extra performance at the cost of nothing more than

your time and willingness to learn how to correctly make proper adjustments.


Although I included tutorials for each utility below, they're not whatsoever to definitive guides to eventually overclock like an expert.

Yet, they'll get you started on the right track and when you're ready to learn to make alterations via txt etc., you'll also know where

to locate the information needed to perform such an adjustment.


So with that being said, when that time comes "Follow the white rabbit", until then pick your poison below and good luck!


GPU Overclocking SoftwareLink LocationFeaturesFreeware


Scale 1-5

Tutorial Link Location
MSI AfterburnerAfterburner - MSI Gaming SeriesYes5
EVGA PrecisionXEVGA - Software - EVGA PrecisionX 16Yes4EVGA - Support - EVGA Software
Asus GPU TweakGPU Tweak4
Sapphire Technology TrixxSAPPHIRE Technology4
Power Color Power Tuner
Gigabyte OC Guru IIGIGABYTE - Support - Utility - Graphics Card


8: Mouse Accuracy and Pointer Click Training (and/or) Sensitivity Adjustment Tools (Great for FPS players!)


Pointer Trainers


If you're an avid FPS player and you're looking to increase your abilities in terms of speed, reaction time, accuracy, all of the above

and more, then the pointer trainers below might just make you go from spud to stud! I guarantee, if you're searching for ways to

gain an advantage against your opponents and you practice using these pointer trainers, you'll definitely increase multiple aspects

of your pointer skills and you'll see a difference in game. Plus many of them are incredibly fun, so give them a shot and get good!

It's time to leave those nOob days behind plebs!


DPI / Sensitivity Converters


Ever have that moment where you're having a hard time adjusting your mouse sensitivity in an FPS game to something similar to what you

usually use in another? Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Battlefield 4, TF2, CS: GO, ToxxiK, Unreal: Tournament, Quake and every other FPS

games native sensitivity settings are completely different and making those adjustments can be completely frustrating at times.


Well, if you're one of those people that would like to forgo that process (to a degree), here are a few helpful programs that will attempt to

eliminate as much of the headaches as possible, so you can get your settings just right and be done with it all in a much quicker fashion.


Mouse Accuracy and Pointer Click TrainingLink LocationFeaturesFun FactorRating Scale 1-5
MouseAccuracy.comMouse Accuracy - Mouse Accuracy and Pointer Click Training22
Mouse-Sensitivity.comMouse Sensitivity | Same Aim - Different Game

DPI Converter -

Game to Game

Cursor InvisibleCursor Invisible.swf (game)55
AlbinoBackSheepShoot | Flash Videos55
Brother Games - Mouseskillsmouse skills33
Mouse 101 Test
Mouse Sensitivty ExporterMouse Sensitivity Exporter by GrosBedoSensitivity/DPI ConversionN/A4
BullseyeBullseye: Test your hand speed and mouse accu.. game, play online34


9: OS Resource Optimization Game Launching Software


Ah the snake oil of gaming optimization tools...or is it? Contrary to popular belief, iobit's Gamebooster is a fantastic tool for users

searching for a way to easily eliminate unnecessary operating system and application background processes. If you're gaming on a

laptop or a low end pc and aren't using iobit's Gamebooster you're short changing the potential of your set up.


By using iobit's gamebooster with an underpowered rig, you're increasing your resources by eliminating needless processes

running in the background that are eating up your system memory (ram).


So, if this works why do so many on the net seem to state otherwise?  The "PC Master Race" Napoleon complex. Many PC

gamers who are technically knowledgeable tend to possess overpowered rigs and these are the same people replying to query's

within the various sites across the net. What they may deem a worthwhile program for their powerful rig with 32GB of ram and

what someone using a rig that needs a slight FPS bump because it's bordering on potato status are completely different people

with completely different perceptions of what's useful and what's not.


Although I may possess an incredibly powerful rig and do fall into the "PC Master race" category, I'm a tech first and foremost and

data is my friend. that means I'm willing to collect data, analyze the situation and test it for myself to see if there are gains to be

had and there definitely are if you're lacking in ram. How substantial will depend on your current system, but if you're considering

using this program, then you're likely in need of any performance boost you can get and this might just be what you need to get

a few more frames per second to play Pong.


Give it a shot, you might be happy that you did.


OS Resource Optimization Game Launching SoftwareLink LocationFeaturesPriceFreewareOpen Source
iobit GameboosterDownload Advanced SystemCare for Game Optimizer & Booster, Accelerate PC Game for Better Performance - IObit


10: Component Research Tools




Component Research ToolsLink LocationFeaturesRating Scale 5Freeware
CPUBossCPUBoss5 out of 5Yes/Website Tool
GPUBossGPUBoss5 Out of 5Yes/Website Tool
HwCompare out of 5Yes/Website Tool
Notebook Check out of 5Yes/Website Tool
Notebookcheck/benchmarksBenchmarks / Tech - TechWebsite
TechPoweruptechPowerUp! - The latest in hardware and gamingWebsite


11: Tools for a proper clean video card driver installation (Preparation and maintenance*)


Experiencing issues with your video card driver installation such as Cataylst or Crimson missing features, poor performance, bugs

and well...anything that shouldn't generally happen after a driver installation? Then you'll likely need to perform a "clean driver install".


Although many tend to automatically assume that it's the driver teams fault and they're not to blame for an improper driver installation,

that's actually not usually the case. Yes, I know it's hard to admit, but it's likely you're the case of all the issues. None of us like to admit

that it could potentially be user error, but it is in fact the case more times than not, regardless of your experience level.


So when that occurs, these are the tools necessary to perform a proper clean driver installation as described below by volunteer AMD

community technician kingfish.


Follow this guide if experiencing Catalyst or Crimson driver issues Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers, you'll be happy that you



Driver Removal UtilityLink LocationDescriptionPriceFreewareRating Scale 5Ease of use
DDU (Display Driver UninstallerDownload Display Driver Uninstaller - MajorGeeksYes/Accepting Donations5 out of 55 out of 5
Piriform's CCleanerCCleaner - PC Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download

Professional $24.95

Professional Plus $39.95

Yes/Basic Version5 out of 54 out of 5


12: Windows Maintenance Tools (To be continued today)


WMTLink LocationDescriptionPriceFreewareOpen Source
RecovaRecuva: Free Data Recovery tool - PiriformData recovery toolProfessional $24.99 Professional Plus $39.99Yes/Basic OnlyNo
Piriform's CCleanerCCleaner - PC Optimization and Cleaning - Free DownloadIt's listed 2x for a reason, get it!Professional $24.99 Professional Plus $39.99Yes/Basic OnlyNo
Driver Fusion PremiumDriver Fusion Premium on SteamScans system drivers and locates the most current version available. This is NOT for updating your graphics drivers. It's for locating obscure and hard to find drivers for your system. Not essential, but useful nonetheless. Only for those that are incredibly anal about keeping drivers up to date.$39.99Yes, but the Basic Edition is worthless. Only the paid version is worth checking out.No


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