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Crossfire 7870 lastest driver 4/4/2015 - Still black screen in most valve games.

Question asked by computerfreek on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2016 by furryfur

Hey everyone,


I need a fix here, this is driving me insane. I have the lastest Crimson driver (4/4/2015) and everytime I launch a game like L4D, L4D2, CSS, CSGO, anything valve related it shows a black screen. I can play BF3, and Titan Fall but can't play BF4. Black Screen. I have tried removing the drivers, reinstalling them. Now I'm a tech guy by trade and have been around the block a couple of times. I even took the time and said- hey maybe its Windows 10 and reinstalled EVERYTHING! I didn't keep a game file or a config file. Black screens are still happening. However if I remove a second monitor and then turn crossfire off and then restart - then plug in the second monitor and turn crossfire back on it is fixed for that system state. IE watch this video I made:  AMD driver released 3/28/2016 still broken - YouTube .


I need a fix, I'm getting tired of dealing with driver issues every day. I was hoping this latest driver would fix it. But I guess I'm wrong... BTW: My friend has duel Fury's X's and is having this same problem to............. This is not a video card problem - this is a driver issue. Each card has been tested by it self without the one, also power supply was tested.