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    Problem with W5000 3 displays with one monitor going blank


      Often one monitor does not display video. It does display

      through bootup (bios). Both monitors on the display port

      connectors show bios startup. Goes blank when Win 7 displays.

      Long wait after password is entered (12 seconds or ???) until

      Windows 7 shows screens, which is abnormal (like drivers are conflicting??)

      Sometimes it does run. Once, when monitor flickered a

      screen, I could read a monitor generated error message that the screen resolution

      or refresh rate was wrong (should of written it down, but still significant).

      AMD FirePro and Win7 screen res showed all monitor at 1600 1200 60hz.

      This is not a cable issue. They have been swapped around. repeatedly

      This is not a monitor issue.  They have been swapped around repeatedly

      All three monitors show up in the AMD FirePro control Center.

      All three monitors show up in Win7 control panel Screen resolution screen.

      Now I am checking which signal connector on the W5000 is hooked to the problem

      display o see if it is always the same one.


      Motherboard:    AMD H8SGL


      Window 7 64

      W5000 graphics card in the only PCIe16 2

      AMD w5000 driver 15.201.1401-whql-firepro-retail

      3 SyncMaster monitors model 204B running 1600x1200 60hz Optimal)

      800+ watts PS