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Problems After Updating (Bluescreen, Says Drivers Not Working/Not There)

Question asked by emerald on Apr 4, 2016

My Specs:


Photoshop CC 2015.1 (1114.r.301) 64-bit

1920x1080 screen res if it matters

So I recently updated my graphics drivers after having numerous prompts to do so. AMD gave me two to choose from—one version in beta, and one that was not in beta, so I chose the one that was not in beta. I updated it and things went smoothly for a short while, but then I got a bluescreen error (CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION), which I googled for. It came up with some stuff about drivers corrupting or modifying kernel code or data on the programmer troubleshooting for those of you who understand that stuff, and here is the troubleshooting for customers which I, admittedly, ignored, but I did not really think about it much.


And after that, everything seemed to be going smoothly so I did not think about it much. However, yesterday (a few days after installation, I think), I was in Photoshop CC 2015 and I used the Oil Paint feature (which is apparently a 3D feature) when it crashed and brought me to the Windows 10 startup screen (the cover thing which is lifted to reveal where one would log in). So I logged in and it seemed that all of my programs had closed along with my graphics settings going back to default (I went to Control Panel>System and Security>System>Advanced System Settings>Adjust for the Best Performance when I started up my computer—it never caused any lag or problems so I saw no reason to let Windows adjust for me which disabled a few options). Slightly annoyed but not thinking much of it at the time, I opened Photoshop again but it gave me this:


When I tried to use the 'Open' feature. I opened the file anyway, but the Oil Paint feature was greyed out, so I assumed that it was a 3D feature and that I needed more vRAM for it. Trying to check my graphics driver, I opened the 'AMD Radeon Settings', only to get this error:


So after that, I looked for the correct driver to install online, and used the auto detect to find out what driver(s) I needed to install. When I did, however, the auto detect gave me this:


Could anyone give advice on how to fix the issue? Thank you!